How can Google Glass improve field service support?

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How could indoor drones help operations in large offices?

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Where can rapid automation technology (autonomics / robotics) help business operations?

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How can crowdsourcing gather product information in emerging markets?

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How can virtual reality change back office operations?

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How can advanced speech recognition and automated assistants improve customer experience?

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Huge desktop allows fast case turnaround

-Gianni Giacomelli

Google glass for engaging with customers & running campaigns

-Kirthi Nallapati, PMP

Alternative to "calling" 911 (emergency) using google glass

-Kirthi Nallapati, PMP

Turning Crowdsourcing into a Social Network

-Nikhil Punwaney

Natural conversations beats "Select from the following" any day

-Robert Barclay

Google glass for better nutrition for better health of individual

-Prerna Varma

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Mohamed Sheriff

AUG 2015

Zsolt Abermann

Deepa Chaudhry

Gianni Giacomelli

Aman Sahni

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